Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

This weekend was a fun family weekend! On Saturday we went to an Easter Egg "Hunt" at a local nursery. Wyatt wasn't exactly "interested" in finding Easter Eggs, but it was still fun. Here's a few shots of him "hunting."

On Easter Sunday, Wyatt got his Easter basket and then we went to brunch with my family. We went to the Founder's Inn, which was pretty yummy. During the brunch there was a small band playing, and the drummer was my middle school orchestra teacher! Wyatt LOVES music, so he enjoyed the tater tots and chicken nuggets (and cheesecake) while he rocked out to the music. Afterwards we went to Brian's parents house and had lunch and another Easter Egg Hunt. Even though his big cousin Colin kept pointing the eggs out to Wyatt, our boy only wanted to play with the soccer ball (or the dogs). At one point during the day we looked at Wyatt and he was standing between two of the dogs petting them with a huge smile on his face! At other times he would be on the look out for Noelle, and would walk up to her. Needless to say, Brian especially was very proud that Wyatt could recognize our girl and wanted to be around her. By the time we got home though, our little guy was pooped. He didn't get much sleep during the day on Saturday or Sunday, so he went to bed a little early last night.

Today we went to the Doctor for the monthly prenatal appointment and everything is going well. And as a perfect ending to the weekend (for Brian anyway, I've still got today!), we got a definite date for finding out what Baby Number 2 is - April 18th!

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