Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Family

It all started with Brian and his black lab puppy Noelle. The two soulmates met in December of 1993 when Brian was given Noelle as a Christmas gift. You can learn more about them here. For many years, the two of them enjoyed driving around in the Jeep, weekend trips to the Outer Banks, long walks on the beach and sharing the occasional graham cracker.

Brian and I met in 1998 when I interviewed for a job and he was the boss! We didn't really talk or even become friends until 2000, but at that point we definitely made each other laugh. So we liked each other as friends and it really just kind of became more. One day when my foot was broken, and I didn't really get to eat during my break, Brian brought me my lunch at my spot and ate with me. From that point on I was in LOVE, it just took my buddy a little bit longer to come around to it.

Fast forward 5 years to Christmas Eve 2005. Brian really surprised me with a wonderful and thoughtful and romantic proposal and of course I said yes! So we set about planning our perfect wedding day, of course including our perfect puppy dog Noelle! From that point on, it's all kind of been a whirlwind! We got married, had our precious baby boy Wyatt and we have another on the way!

Our son has brought more joy to us in the last year than I think either of us could have imagined. He is all boy for sure, but I think he's nice and cuddly when he wants to be too. I always knew from the way Brian has taken care of our girl Noelle that he would be a GREAT father, but he is a Super Fantastic Wonderful father. Wyatt LOVES to play with his Daddy, and it's awesome to see how happy Wyatt makes Brian. So this blog will mainly give updates into the four (soon to be five!) of us!

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