Monday, March 17, 2008

Wyatt at the Zoo!

Our little fella LOVES to be outside, and he LOVES animals so we took him to the zoo this past weekend. Here are some pictures from our trip.....

Looking at the elephants....this is very serious business.

So unlike the parent next to us, we didn't actually allow Wyatt to stick his finger through the gate and get snapped at by the goose.

This giraffe was seriously looking right at Wyatt. And Wyatt found him to be mesmerizing.
Walking down the ramp to see the baboons with Daddy.
Wyatt stops to take a picture.
As you can see by the huge smile on his face, Wyatt loves walking!
Okay, so this was at Target, but we found out Wyatt really likes Boba Fett. Brian was rather excited about this, and though it's not age appropriate, it will probably end up in his Easter Basket....

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  1. My nephew is so precious! Your profile picture of Wyatt at Disney World, looks very similar to the picture we have of Colin in the Hundred Acre Wood Tree.