Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reese's Third Birthday Party!

We finally had Reese's birthday party on Sunday!  It was initially scheduled for August 29th - but then I rescheduled because we weren't completely sure what Hurricane Irene was doing.  When I rescheduled it (before the storm, and before they decided to cancel all parties that weekend) the next available date was September11th.  While not the ideal date for a party, I also didn't want to wait until the end of September to schedule her August birthday! I'm glad that I was the first to call - otherwise I know her party would have been later!

 Do you get birthday anxiety?  I absolutely do. When we have parties at our house, I spend the whole week cleaning, and then something inevitably happens the day of the party.  Wyatt's first and second birthday parties were both on rainy days, so we had a bunch of little kids stuck inside.  Reese's first birthday party was on a beautiful day, but had the worst ant attack EVER in our kitchen that morning.  Those situations just turn me into a ball of stress, and I hate being like that on their birthdays!  So this year we had Wyatt's party at the zoo, and Reese's party at the Little Gym.  It's so nice not to have to worry about everything leading up to the party - I just had to show up (and make cupcakes and hang out on Etsy and Pinterest). Hudson will still have a nice, small family birthday party at home, though!
 Everyone that was at her party came to give her a High 5.  Including her baby brother.  Not including her big brother, who was too busy hanging on the bars to come over and participate.
 Hudson had fun crawling (when it was safe), shaking maracas, and hanging out!
 Girls and their bubbles!  Reese, Mady, Natalie and Ryan loved these!
 The group shot.  Reese wanted to lay down in front of all of her friends.  Colin did a great job holding his little cousin!

After they played in the gym for an hour and did LOTS of activities, we moved into the party room for pizza and cupcakes.  I meant to get Minnie Mouse tablecoths, but it completely slipped my mind until we were at Wyatt's baseball game at 10:30 on Saturday.  Which is also when I realized that I needed to get everything that I did buy to The Little Gym by noon!
 I love the way Natalie, Reese and Gavin are looking at that cupcake!
Trying to blow out her candle.  Right after this she actually reached out to try to touch the flame - yikes!

I'll do a link up later with the info about her invites, her shirt and the cupcakes!  We had such a good time!  Brian was pretty far out of the loop on the specifics of her party - he knew where it was and when it was and that it was Minnie Mouse.  He can't stand being so detached, but with everything at work he was just too busy.  I was so happy when we were in the car after the party and he said that everything went well and he was really happy with how it all turned out!  I love to take some stress off of him (and me) - and this party was just fabulous!


  1. yes i am a ball of stress and i am a not-so-nice person to be around LOL

  2. I was a ball of stress. The older my oldest got, the easier things became. Having a party away from home, definitely helps! I love Reese's birthday shirt!

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