Thursday, September 22, 2011

(It's Been Really Random Lately, but) Weekly iPurge

The last week has been CRAZY!  Between school and sports and activities we are always busy.  And now that Brian is home on the weekends we've been trying to make up for all the time he was gone during the summer!  I was on such a blogging roll through July and August, and I want to get back on track.  I have a few posts coming down the pike and one REALLY fun one, so stay tuned.  This should serve as a pretty good catch up!
 Hudson trying to steal the camera from Daddy at Mimi and Baba's house (a separate post)!
 This little guy is creeping everywhere!  I don't know if you can tell, but he has his first shiner.  He was creeping and he grabbed my sunglasses off the entertainment center.  When I went to get them, he fell down on them and poked his cheek, just below his eye.  Poor guy was more scared than anything, and I was too!
 I don't know why I was so proud of this, but I LOVED how nicely these grilled cheeses "grilled."  Wyatt's sandwich is just a grilled cheese (so picky), but Hudson and Reese had a "grilled monte cristo." I got the idea from an Abs Diet cook book years ago.  It has Raspberry jam, ham and colby cheese and it's so good!  I used to be obsessed with Bennigan's Monte Cristo sandwiches back in the day (before I had kids and had the metabolism of a 20 year old).  I was also kind of in love with my Pumpkin Spice candle.
 This is "Hudson's path of destruction."  He literally goes through the playroom and throws everything that he can on the floor.
 Reese had her first soccer game this week. She is one of the kids that won't run onto the field when she's called and has no interest in playing.  But that's another blog post!  I love her shirt!
 We had a patch of fall weather last weekend, it was so chilly that I had to take out the fall and winter clothes!  We took the big kids to see The Lion King (not in 3D) on Saturday.  They love the movie anyway, and they did a great job at the movie theater!
 Reese didn't want to stand in front of the sign, she wanted to sit so we still see Baby Simba and the silly monkey.
Excuse the mess in the background, but the painters came yesterday to paint the living room/foyer/playroom, our room, and Wyatt's room.  It was a little crazy in the house, and Wyatt decided to distract himself by watching a Foo Fighters' concert and being Dave Grohl.  He took my curtains off the rod and found the Guitar Hero guitar (that hasn't been used in 4 years) to complete his transformation.  I think the painters were happy to get a break from the cartoons that were on!

And now I'm off because we DVR'd about 5 hours of TV last night and the only thing we made it through was Modern Family.  We still need to watch Survivor and The X Factor, but Grey's Anatomy premieres tonight, and seriously, I can't put that off.  I'm kind of obsessed.  Unless Patrick Dempsey leaves this year and then I'm just done!

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