Thursday, September 29, 2011

Show Us Your Life - Clothes Shopping!

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I'm linking up with Kelly's blog today to share where I get clothes for my kids - and get some good ideas about where I should be shopping!

I love dressing my kids - but I don't like to spend a lot of money doing it!  I LOVE Carter's clothes - I think that they're made well and they look cute, and they don't shrink in the wash or have a weird fit.  I used to think that going to the Carter's Outlet was a good way to save money - and then a store opened near us and I realized that the Outlet wasn't really that much less than buying here!  I get a coupon every time I walk in the store, and get a lot in the mail.  Sometimes it's better for me to ignore the coupons because I will spend money I don't need to spend!

I've never really been into longalls or smocked anything for boys, and I don't think Brian would let me dress them in those if I was! I really like Target's clothing section for kids clothes, especially shirts for the boys and pants and shorts for all of them (try not to be surprised by this). I usually scout out the things I like and then wait for them to go on clearance. Wyatt has a lot of Billabong and Volcom clothes, but those were purchased from local surf shops by my mom.  I love the way the clothes look on him (and he looks a lot like his Dad)!

I love Gymboree's clothes for all of them, but I don't ever, ever, ever pay full price for them.  Okay, that's a lie.  I totally do for their Christmas clothes.
Ha!  Why was this the only picture of her complete outfit from last Christmas (minus the slippers that were a present that she wanted on immediately)!

I LOVED this little dress and I'm so happy that she can wear it this year with black leggings!  Gymboree just came out with this year's holiday line though, and it is just not my style!  I'm cruising Etsy and Zulily now looking for cute things for Reese to wear for Christmas!  I'm also on the hunt for a cute shirt for Hudson's first birthday!  I love this one!

Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

And I'm not going to lie, I totally think something like this would be adorable for Reese to wear to her baby brother's birthday party, too)!
Source: None via Brittney on Pinterest


  1. Brittney! I love the football outfits! So cute!

  2. Pfff, I always get sucked into buying Gymboree's holiday clothes at full price - otherwise you can't find your size!!