Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Reese's Masterpieces

My parents gave Reese art lessons for Christmas.  They are the perfect gift for her!

She loves going to art class.  She talks about her lessons constantly, and she asks me every. single. day. how many days she has to wait until her next Monday lesson.

I really like this class because they don't just focus on "making art" or coloring. They actually talk about artists, and then do a project based on their work.  Or they learn about types of art, and work on that. She made an African mask the first week.
And then she used chalk pastels to make a "caveman drawing," then a dot and line project, and an Inuit sculpture.
Aren't the frames neat?  Everything comes home with its own frame!
She was working on camouflage and monochromatic art this week.  Or as she called it, "monodramatic art."
She brought this home yesterday.  I'm glad we have plenty of room on the playroom walls!

I love how much she loves to create.  She would spend every second making something if she could.  She really wants me to take her to an art gallery (seriously).  She just wants to know how she can also get her art on display!

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