Wednesday, July 9, 2014

May Little Things

Let's see if I can actually remember all the way back to May for these.

Brian found out the results of All Star tryouts the night that they happened (way back at the beginning of the month).  Wyatt fell asleep before he was home, so the next morning Brian told him that he made the team. He was so excited!
Hudson reading one of his selections from free comic book day.
I have no words about this little phase this girl went through.  The gloves were on her at bedtime every. single. night.
Uncle Marc leading Wyatt, Reese, Hudson, and Mason in some Simon Says.  This was the day of my grandmother's funeral.  The big kids had a day full of soccer tournaments and games, and Brian handled that while I was at the service and gathering at my parents' house.  After all of their games were over, I came home, picked them up, and then headed back to my parents' house to spend the rest of the evening with my family while Brian went to the 8 year old All Star tryouts.
We set up our super classy inflatable pool one afternoon.  I think it was the night before the park opened, because I remember Brian not coming home for dinner :).
I took the Smalls to walk around a park lake one morning while the Talls were in school.  I still can't believe this guy is going to be in school three days a week in the fall!
FQB is pretty popular with the managers at our Target store.  I stopped for coffee after a shopping trip and Ms. Deborah hooked her up with some milk.
She is toothbrush obsessed.
Wyatt was back on the ice after a long hiatus.  He loves to skate.  I think it's affecting his running though.  I've noticed that he's running with more of a "skating form" lately.  I need to get him involved in more skating now that baseball season is over!
This little guy is the sweetest sleeper.  He wanted a little extra cuddle time with Daddy in the middle of the night.
Twins!  I'm not particularly "into" dressing my girls alike, but Reese loves it when she can match her little sister. 
We don't always have big weekend plans when Brian is working, but I decided that I would take them to the park one morning.  It's a fun park on the Intercoastal waterway in the middle of nowhere, and it is a GREAT place for them to run around and have fun.  Plus they get the added bonus of watching boats pass by!
We went to Target first and grabbed lunch so they could have a picnic!  Lunchables are so fancy!
Sometimes he likes to wear shoes, sometimes he doesn't.
Hanging out at Didi and Pop Pop's!
I couldn't believe that he put this entire set together with no help from me!  It took forever!
The end of baseball season and a trophy for this guy!
We had to redeem our preschool passes at Busch Gardens by May 31, so Brian and I took the Smalls up one day while the Talls were in school.  Our plan was to just get the passes and head home.  But Hudson begged to ride the Elmo roller coaster.  And we couldn't really say no since we had a little extra time!
His lemonade slush got a thumbs up!
She and Wyatt were playing school.  Her hair looks a lot redder here than it actually is.
Finley's May milestone?  Couch climbing.  Definitely makes things more interesting around here!

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