Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Swim Lessons

Alternately titled, "Tales of a Blogging Slacker."

Soooo the kids started swim lessons.  On June 16.
There were tears.  From this guy.  I swear that his hair didn't get wet the first two weeks of lessons (he and Reese have taken three weeks of lessons, Wyatt has taken two).
Wyatt is still in the "Children's Program."  He passed the crawl and he's learning the Freestyle now.
Reese moved up from being a Preschooler to the Children's lessons with Wyatt.
She was pretty excited about that little fact.
Griffin is one of her BFF's from school, and she was very excited that he was in her lessons the first week!
She managed to get her bobs down and pass Station 1.
And she passed Station 2 (floats) the same day that Wyatt passed the Crawl (Station 4).
Hudson really got into things his third week of lessons.  He is legitimately getting his float on now.  
This girl is still working on her kicks (she keeps complaining about something in relation to her "streamline"), but she still gets to do her very favorite thing at every lesson - jump off the diving board!
They are signed up for two more weeks of lessons - we'll have to see how they do in the next few weeks.

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