Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Now Batting, Hudson!

Hudson had to sit out from sports in the spring because there was just no way to fit his games into our schedule.  He was signed up for soccer, but they moved it from Monday nights to Saturday mornings, and that didn't work with our already overlapping schedule for the Talls.

When we saw that the Y had a summer tee ball league for three year olds, we signed this boy right up!
 His first game was June 14 - the same weekend as Wyatt's first All Star tournament.  Fortunately there wasn't any conflict, so everyone got to see him play.
 Can you tell that he gets in a lot of practice at home?
Little brother swings!  Someone asked Brian what he did to teach Hudson his swing.  The answer is that he just watches Wyatt.  A lot.  

Wyatt said that Hudson shouldn't be standing like this, and ran over to adjust his stance on the bag.  He's been serving as Brian's "First Base Coach" ever since.

 He had to end the game on a sad note.  He didn't get to touch the ball or get an out, so he was feeling a little sad.  Obviously.  Ha!

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