Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Waterpark Fun!

After spending all day Saturday and Sunday at Wyatt's baseball games, we decided to spend Memorial Day at the waterpark with Brian's family.

I had to make a mad dash to Target the night before to make sure that I had bathing suits (and swim diapers!) for all the kids.  Finley was definitely content to lounge in the shade of our cabana in the morning.

Hudson, on the other hand, was up for adventure.  It took him about .5 seconds to make his way over the slide.  Fortunately, it was right in front of our cabana!

He was also feeling brave enough that day to ride the "big boy slides" by himself.  I went down right behind him, but he didn't want the double tube. No fear in this kid!

Wyatt also accompanied us down this slide, but he spent most of the day hanging out with Aunt Allison, Colin, Piper and Reese, while I tended to the little kids with the help of Brian's parents!

Finley was not that excited to try any of the rides in the morning, but she found her inner daredevil after lunch.  She wanted to go down the kiddie slides over and over again!  Hudson slowed down a little while he was riding in front of us.  Rule breaker!

Every picture of her before we hit the water has her eyes closed! I don't think she likes the splash.

The boys hung out in the Bimini with their slushes.

And these two  cool cousins went back and forth from the Bimini to the cabana.
And Daddy stopped by for a visit!  It's crazy that even though we're there having fun - he still has to work.  The kids don't always grasp that concept :).  Of course, we're all still adjusting to the hectic schedule summer brings for him - we'll get used to it by July, and come October I won't even know what to do with family weekends.  Oh wait, yeah I will.  Sports!  Ha!

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