Sunday, June 7, 2015

Spring Sports Wrap-Up

Just a few "follow up pictures" to the rest of our spring sports recaps.  I'm pretty sure that baseball will probably go on forever, but rec season is done!

Hudson finished his spring soccer season - he had a lot of fun!
He played in a U6 League - which means that most of the kids were 6 years old!  He even played against a few kids in Reese's Kindergarten class - two years older than he is.
It was hard for his little legs to move as fast as the bigger kids, but he still hung in there.  He really likes playing soccer, and he begged to do it again!
Wyatt played U8, although we tried to move him up to U10.  He had some moments of frustration playing defense all season, but he was still happy that he was able to play.  Plus, he was able to help move the ball down the field to prevent the other teams from scoring. He has tryouts for a select team on Tuesday!
Reese and Hudson both had fun playing t-ball - as always!

Reesie and her BFF Emma!
It's nice to be down two games a week now.  Wyatt is still playing for his Select team and he also made All Stars, so he has at least another month of tournaments and practices and conditioning and pitching!  It sounds like a lot - but he always wants to play.  And the kid has massive amounts of energy to burn!

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