Friday, January 8, 2016

Disney 2015 Day 2: Hollywood Studios

After checking into the Art of Animation, making a Target run, and settling into our room (it's a task that seems to take forever with all the clothes and stuff we need for 6 people for a week), Brian and I made a plan.  We decided to do our very best to be at the bus stop an hour and 15 minutes before each park opened every day.  That would give us time to wait for the bus, maybe wait for a second one if needed (we don't stand on the Disney buses with all these kids, y'all), and then ride to the park, get bags checked, etc. We managed to stick to our schedule for all but one of our days.

This cutie and I were seat mates on the bus to Hollywood Studios.  We road a few "charter type" buses, and it worked out well because each kid could sit with a grandparent or a parent - and they were separated from each other, which kept fighting to a minimum.

One thing that we didn't know before our trip was that the Jedi Training Academy would be closed all week.  My boys were so bummed, but they all handled it well (including Daddy)!

Once we were in the park, the big kids decided they wanted to ride the Rock'n' Roller Coaster.  Brian and I were not surprised that Reese wanted to ride it...but Wyatt deciding to give it a try shocked us! He's not really into "thrill rides," but he loved it!

They also managed to meet Indy after the Indiana Jones show.

Finley and I paired up to ride Toy Story mania.  She loved it this time!  She did her best to play along with Buzz and Woody and the gang.  In typical Finley fashion, everything was "No!  Me do it me-self!"

Meanwhile, Reese rode with Brian, which worked out well because he likes to be able to focus on winning, and she can take care of herself..  Ha!

Stopping to visit with Lightning and Mater is always fun! I saw that they are about to shut this down.  Boo!

Who doesn't love Donald Duck?

Finley was very excited to meet Pluto.  She loves dogs, and he is one of her favorites!

Wyatt hasn't been interested in meeting the "girl" characters on the last few trips. Including Daisy Duck. Such a crazy boy!

His little sister, though?  She loves Daisy Duck!

This "Force Awakens" sign wasn't an actual PhotoPass stop, but Brian wanted to get a group picture under the sign.  Fortunately for everyone in this house, the movie lived up to the hype!

We had to stop to get their pictures taken at the Speeder Bike.

Everyone rode Star Tours about a billion times.  And Reese was the Rebel Spy on one of our "tours."

Hollwood Studios is probably our second favorite park, but they're definitely pairing back while the prepare to add the two new sections...Star Wars and Toy Story.  Those additions will make the park even more fun for this crew!

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