Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Disney 2015 Day 5: Part Two

After our fun morning with the ladies, we had more adventures ahead including the boys.  Specifically, we had the entire Magic Kingdom to tackle!

While we were waiting in line for Tigger and Pooh, Hudson started to complain that his stomach hurt. My experience with Disney vacations is that I should always take that seriously, so I had him wait in the stroller.  Lucky for him, we were right at the front when Tigger and Pooh needed to make a break for some honey, so he had time to recuperate.  He felt just fine by the time they came back!

This is a screen shot from my phone because the Photo Pass picture has Pooh standing awkwardly off to the side...but I love how genuinely happy Wyatt is to be with Tig!

We went to Belle's Enchanted Tales next.  I think I had to bribe Hudson to convince him to volunteer to be a part of the story...but it worked.  He even gave his best "roar" to be the beast!

Once he was on stage he had one last "rehearsal".....

And then he was able to get some air and frighten Belle!

When it was time for individual pictures, he stayed still and didn't stage a revolt like he did last year.
And his sister's were definitely happy to meet with Belle!

We followed Belle up with lunch, and the Jingle Cruise.  I know that it's super corny...but we still love it!
And then we went back to Fantasyland for more Dumbo...
And more Barnstormer!
Then we went over to Tomorrowland for Buzz's Space Ranger Spin and a meeting with our favorite Space Ranger.
And of course more People Mover!

It was a Magical Day for all of us at the Magic Kingdom!

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