Saturday, January 23, 2016

Disney 2015 Day 5: Part One - Breakfast with the Princesses Edition

We were able to book Breakfast with the Princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table on our fourth day in the parks, thanks to Disney Dining Buddy.  Reese was over the moon excited when we told her that she was going to be able to eat at Cinderella's Castle.   The boys had breakfast with Brian's parents at the resort while we took the girls.  It helped ease the cost, and it kept all of us happy during the meal :).

One of the awesome benefits of the breakfast was that we were able to get a few pictures taken on Main Street without the crowded shots!

I loved the girls' shirts!  Finley's says, "She's my Elsa," and Reese's says, "She's my Anna."

I have to say, Cinderella was the very best character interaction of the breakfast.  She was separate, and it was very much like the character meet and greets that we're used to in the parks.

Plus the lighting was on point!  Lol!

Now, in terms of the actual breakfast, I will say that the food was fabulous.  I think that there are definite benefits to the breakfast - you knock out 5 princesses at once and don't have to wait in line being the biggest plus.  BUT, Cinderella (while fab) is also included with the Rapunzel visit.  And there's no Photo Pass photographers or anything, so the pictures aren't my favorites!  Just kids with plates of food and silverware in front of them. Ha!  I will also say that when you look at the quality of the costumes/wigs/etc....the princesses in the park were better, and not as rushed.  The girls definitely get more interaction with the princesses in the parks.

After breakfast, we were able to squeeze in a little more girl time before we met up with the boys and Mimi and Baba!

Including meeting up with two pretty famous ladies from Arrendale!

This was the craziest thing we've ever done!  Ha!

A serendipitous meeting with the Fairy Godmother.  No glass slippers required!

I think that the boys met up with us right after we took this photo - it was still super early, and we were ready for a LONG and FUN day at the Magic Kingdom!

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