Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A Little More Baseball

Wyatt's new travel baseball team had their first game at the beginning of May.

He and his buddy Aden have been playing baseball together since they were itty bitty.  Last August we experienced a bit of "serendipitous" timing when the coaches of both of their travel teams decided to move on.  Their dads have talked for a long time about starting their own team, and it worked out really well that they both ended up with good reasons to leave their teams at the same time.
And the adventure began. Along with some of their friends from the baseball league, they began having practices in late fall, and practiced together at a gym all winter.  Finally in May, they were ready for their first game.
They scheduled the game for 7PM on a Saturday night, and all but one of the boys also had a 5PM game with their rec teams.  They were a little tired!  Wyatt didn't start the game, but he did come in and strike out three in the final inning.
These boys were over the moon excited that they won their first game!
Their coaches also had them shout "Happy Mother's Day!"  Smart dads!

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