Tuesday, June 7, 2016

April Little Things

April was a fun and busy month!  We had baseball and softball (sometimes nightly), soccer, and all of our school happenings!  On Opening Day we wore our Yankees shirts!

We also bought The Force Awakens at the beginning of the month.  I loved the picture of FQB kissing the DVD case, but I love the expression on Hudson's face more.

Hudson moved on to Reader 5 at school!  It's a doozy!  He started sounding out words on his own.

Jeter enjoyed some sunshine on the deck.  Always with a tee back there!
Because there is always some kind of batting practice going on!  Reese needed to get in her tee work before a game one day!
This picture makes me so happy and so sad!  Hudson and his buddy Mason have been in the same class since they were 3, and they've also been playing t-ball together. Next year they're going to two different primary schools, and it makes me so sad. They are such good buddies!

This guy wasn't feeling well, but he sure knows how to make himself comfy on the couch.

Jackie Robinson day!  Since Wyatt plays for the Dodgers we got him a "real" Robinson shirt this year.

This is my life on a Friday night. 4 children, 6 sports activities a week, 2 jobs (3 counting the mothering), 38ish hours worked. A messy house that I'm pretty sure it will never be clean again. And my Friday night? Laundry, wine, and waiting for my husband to get home from baseball practice with my dinner before I crash.

Hudson is always eager to help Daddy leave the ballfield.  Ha!

Not to be left out, she also got a compression sleeve and a necklace, just like the big kids.

The streets of our neighborhood were safe with the Captain America/Wolverine combo on the streets.

Older brothers are most excellent at helping little brothers with their reading.

Love being able to walk into school with this cutie and her big brother every day.  And I get to see them both throughout the day.  It's the best!
Finley modeled her dance costume for us.  Precious!  I can't wait to see her dance in her recital this weekend!

Meanwhile, Hudson passed out on the floor as soon as he got home from t-ball.

Wyatt earned the game ball!  He pitched two really great innings with 6 strike outs, he hit well, and his attitude was fantastic.  #thatswhatmakesmamaproud

Reese's softball team took a pretty epic picture (I'll post soon), and this was how she got ready.  "Dirt in the skirt!"
Hudson is all registered for Kindergarten in the fall.  Unbelievable!!!! I am going to be working at the preschool 5 days a week next year (I know!  WHAT?!), so he will be doing a hybrid of Wyatt and Reese's Kindergarten years.  He will go to Kindergarten at the Primary school with Reese (where we are crossing all of our fingers that he will have the same great teacher she did), and then he will take the van back to the preschool where Wyatt went for Kindergarten.  Best of both worlds!
Oh look!  I remember a month ago when she actually took naps!  Sadly, naps are not happening much these days.  And on the days that she does nap, she says, "Guess what Mommy?  I put my body to sleep!"
Hudson got Reader 6 at the end of the month!
This is a sign that you've been at the fields for too long.  It's called Saturday Baseball Exhaustion. I'm also a sufferer.

And that's our April in a little blog post!  Hopefully I can get to May and a few other fun things soon!

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