Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sand Soccer 2016

Wyatt's soccer team decided to enter the sand soccer tournament this summer.  I don't know if it was the fact that we started talking about it during the indoor soccer season (covered here), while we were stuck inside or what that got us excited to do it, but by the time we actually GOT to sand soccer weekend, the beach was the very last place I wanted to be!  Ha!

His first game was at the same time as Finley's dance recital, but we were able to leave him with our friends while we went to see her dance.  We both made it to his second game (after paying a ridiculous amount of money to park!), and they ended their first day with 2 wins!

By the time he was done playing two games, he was not excited to walk 6 blocks back to the parking lot!

We had to buy him this shirt.  If you've ever seen Wyatt play defense, you know that this shirt sums up his soccer philosophy.

All of the kids spent that Saturday night at my parents' house, and the next morning I shuffled them from their house to Brian's parents house.  He had another long day of soccer, and there was no way that the other kids were going to be able to deal with all the walking and the hours that they would have to spend at the beach on what was the hottest weekend of the year.  

They managed to win their first game that day and secure their bid to the championship game.

The championship game was a nail biter.  There were a lot of things that all collided to make it stressful.  The first thing was that it was the championship game.  The second was that it was this team's last game together.  His coaches are moving on, and soccer is also changing their travel rules in the fall.  They are going from a May-May calendar for birthdays to a birth year calendar, and we would have had to either move Wyatt and some of the other boys up to play U11 with the older boys, or stick with the younger boys to play U10.  Ultimately, splitting the team up with the best option, and 5 of the boys are staying together.

We also ended up playing the exact same team that we beat in a Veteran's Day tournament earlier this year.  We didn't go in overconfident because that had been a close game.  We managed to grab a lead after Wyatt scored a goal from midfield while he was playing defense. But he had some tough competition in a kid from the other team. He met his match in terms of aggression, and the kid on the other team got a yellow card.  But so did Wyatt.  His first yellow card ever.  And yes, first.  Because I don't think this will be the last time my kid gets a yellow card.   Also, the ref was awful and couldn't keep score.

Ultimately the ended up losing in over time when the other team got a PK for a handball.  They were crushed, but they still managed to pull off fake smiles for the awards ceremony.

Overall it was a fun weekend.  I'm not sure we're going to rush to play again next year (especially after $75 in parking all weekend after we paid $60 to play!), but Wyatt had a blast!

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