Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Reese's School Year Wrap Up

Reese is done with First Grade!  First seems to be the year that they start to lose their "baby faces" and start to look bigger!  She has grown almost 3 inches this school year, and she learned so much!

After the Field Day extravaganza, the kids made shirts.  Some of them wore them to the class party the following week.  Reese had quite a design on her shirt.

We had to get a picture of these 4 with their fantastic teacher before the end of the year.  I know that they are going to miss her so much!  Reesie learned so much and developed so many new reading strategies this year, and her teacher is just the best. Hopefully we have her in another year for Hudson!

At the end of her class party they handed out class "superlative" awards. Reesie got the Team Player Award (Wyatt got the MLB Award two years ago...check out that picture and we can have a moment of silence for when he wore pants with a button to school, that doesn't happen anymore).  Her teacher said that she is tough, brave, and smart, but that her favorite thing about her is that she works well with others.  It's because she's such an easygoing girl and knows how to strike a compromise, but she's probably also learned a thing or two from having so many kids in the family!
Daddy took them out for their traditional "last day lunch" after he picked them up on the last day!  And their summer began!

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