Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Father's Day. Really, Baseball.

As we've done over the last two years (2015, 2014), we spent Father's Day weekend at an All Star tournament!  This year was a little different because Brian was the manager of the team.  He and the other Raptors coaches coached the team in the All Star tournament.  Most of the boys on the Raptors have played All Stars together over the last few years.

Because the boys moved up to a new division, our "work up tournaments" were at different fields than we've played in the past.  We started this season in Suffolk over the weekend!  The boys had 4 games over two days, and because it was about an hour from home, there was a lot of waiting.

Fortunately they all like each other!  Ha!  We're resting those arms on a long break right now, and I know that they are all itching to play ball again...and to see each other.  Ha!

One thing that I LOVE about this team is that we have the greatest group of parents and siblings.  My three younger kids are always excited to go to the games because they have friends there, and one of the boys has an older sister who is terrific with the little ones.  She keeps them busy and they love it!  She is a gem!
The boys went 1 and 3 that weekend.  And Wyatt's struggle at the plate was real.

He loves to be behind the plate.  Although he probably gets annoyed at me for constantly shouting, "Be a wall!"

We had a break between games, so the boys had lunch in the dugout.  Which is not to be confused with the day that Wyatt walked out onto the field with pizza in his hand.  There were words with his father after that....for real.

After the games Brian took the day off and came home with us!  We had pizza at Mimi and Baba's and then came home for early bed times.  These kids were wiped!

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