Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly iPurge!

Don't forget to enter my Thirty-One Giveaway - I just realized that it said Monday, October 4th, and the 4th is tomorrow - so it will end tomorrow instead!  Has anyone else been having trouble with blogger comments lately?  I've been having trouble commenting on some blogs, and I've had some people say they were having trouble leaving comments here!

Anyway, today I'm purging my iPhone and sharing it's randomness with you!

 It rained and rained and rained last week, and we took a trip to Target to get out of the house.  Wyatt and Reese love the Halloween stuff, so they took turns trying on masks.  Wyatt is such a different kid than he was two years ago when we had to dress him up in a costume that basically looked like a normal little boy and had to divert him from every kid in a mask!
Brian and I stick with the "traditional" anniversary presents, and this year's was wood.  I bought this print for a wood frame and it finally came last week (an idea from Pinterest) - with all the wrong dates!  Fortunately the company was super easy to work with and they're replacing it - but I had to take this picture to prove that I actually got the wrong one! 
 These were my anniversary gifts :).  I love, love, LOVE my Pandora charm bracelet.  Brian got me three new charms for our anniversary - from left to right - a ring bearer's pillow with rings, a wooden charm, and Hudson's birth stone.  I love all my charms, but the wooden one might be my favorite!
 We went on a date night on Saturday night and we had to take a side trip to the baseball fields to see if we'd left Reese's glove behind - when we were on our way to the restaurant (read: sports bar), there was another double rainbow (there was another set last week).  We could actually see the complete rainbow arching over a school - we didn't go look for a pot of gold though, we would have missed the baseball game!
And speaking of baseball, Mr. H was decked out in his DJ3K shirt on Friday for the first play off game!  Go Yankees!

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