Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Could I be any later posting about Thanksgiving?  We've been a little busy this week!

We  The boys spent the morning watching Star Wars: A New Hope.  Brian really wants to get the The Empire Strikes Back so Wyatt can learn that Darth Vader=Luke's Father=Anakin Skywalker.  Not kidding.  He wants to make sure that he's there when Wyatt learns that for the first time! After that we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  We wake up really early!

We decided to let the kids have quiet time before we went over to Brian's parents' house for the afternoon.  It was very weird to only have one meal to go to this year!  My dad was at the Fire Station and my Aunt pulled together a nice meal at my parents' house, but we missed it!

When we got to Mimi and Baba's the kids went straight outside to play in  the leaves...

And throw around the football.

"Seriously Reese, leaf me alone!"

Isn't her shirt adorable?!  I saw one like it on Pinterest months ago and really wanted to try and make one - but I gave up before I even tried!  I ordered it from this Etsy shop, and I love it!  I put it on her the day after Halloween, and I ordered her a 5T in hopes that she can wear it next year!

Brian practiced jumping over Hudson.

And Hudson fit in two of his new favorite hobbies - walking, and walking to get away from the dogs.  I've never seen a baby who moved as fast as he does when a dog is coming!

Doesn't his hair look so red!  I get stopped at least once a day by people who want to tell me that he is adorable and that he has the best hair.  But then they want to know where he gets the red (it's worse when Reese is with us).  The answer - I have no idea!

Once Wyatt put the football down it was Hudson's turn!

Reese ate next to nothing for dinner (she was more interested in playing), but she was very excited to have some pie!  When we asked the kids what they were thankful for on Thanksgiving, Wyatt's response was "my daddy," and Reese said "apple pie and pumpkin pie!"  She had a lot of fun hanging out with Sophie!

After dinner we came home with three very tired kids.  They went right to bed and I got to work on one of our Christmas trees while we watched Christmas Vacation and Brian looked through the Black Friday ads.  He did go out at midnight, but he went to Kohl's, picked up with toy he wanted, and then walked out.  Amazing!  He's such a good bargain shopper!


  1. Wow! Every single one of those pictures is gorgeous! So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  2. I agree, all the photos are amazing! I do have a question, though--the first photo where the kids are playing in the leaves has some sort of animal in the backyard. I'm curious, is it a dog? A calf?

  3. Thanks! Stacie, it's a dog - my in laws have three labs! They are surrounded by farmland (their neighbors grow soy beans), but no cows!