Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Visiting with Mason: Halloween Edition

Last weekend Marc, April, and Mason came to town for a visit.  And the ODU/JMU game (Go Dukes).  The Dukes lost the game but we still got to see each other, so it was worth their long trip! 

We dressed the kids up in their costumes for a little Halloween "party." Yoda and Froggy got to hang out together.
 And they had very important things to discuss!
 While Mason got to hang out with Uncle Brian...
 Wyatt and Reese spent some time being thrown up in the air by Uncle Marc!

 They absolutely loved it!

We can't wait to visit again for Christmas!

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  1. Adorable costumes! Sorry the Dukes lost, but glad you guys enjoyed your company. Great pictures! :)