Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hudson's Birthday Party: Part 2!

So I just realized that Hudson still had cake up his nose during the present opening portion of his party - oops!  He didn't seem to mind!

He loves this Thomas ball!  He really loves any ball, and will gladly roll the ball back and forth with is big brother for a long time - if Wyatt participates.  Sometimes he just takes off with the ball!
 Reesie was very eager to see what her baby brother got for his birthday!
 Taking a moment to ponder the importance of life?
 Digging into a present!
 Our crazy kids!
We had such a fun day surrounded by our families and close friends!  We're very lucky to have so many people who come out to the kids birthday parties and we always have such a fun time - even if it gets a little loud around here!

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