Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursdays!


Linking up with Samantha again this week to share some thanks!  If you haven't been to her blog, go check it out, and while you're there send her some prayers for little Gwen - she's had a tough week and could use some support through Gwen's surgery!

This week I am thankful, above all, for our health.  Hudson just had his one year check up yesterday and while he's still a short little guy, he is in great health.  Even after those pesky shots!

I am thankful for my husband, who is a great Daddy and a wonderful husband.  I'm thankful that he works so hard for our family.  Sure, I wish he walked through the door at 5:30 every night, but that's not happening soon :).  I am excited about his work schedule over the next month and a half, though!

I am thankful for our families.  They spent 3 and half years working with my work schedule to make sure Wyatt and Reese were taken care of. And our parents still recognize how important it is for us to get our "date nights" in, and they're always willing to hang out with their grand kids!  Our kids LOVE their Mimi and Baba, and Didi and Pop Pop, and I know that the relationships that they have with them are priceless.

I am thankful that next Thursday is Thanksgiving!  Yay!

What are you thankful for this week?  Why don't you share and then link up with Samantha!  

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  1. Thanks for linking up girl!!! And thank you SO much for all the thoughts and prayers. It is going to be a rough week, and you guys {my bloggy friends} are all so encouraging!

    What great things that you are thankful for!! Isn't it awesome when Grandparents want to hang out with their Grandkids so much that they WANT you to have a "date night"... Lucky us :)