Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Project 365: Week 9

So I've been a bad blogger, but I'm hoping to catch up.  And at least I've gotten pictures of the kids to share, right?

Tuesday, February 25
Coloring together at the table.  Reese loves to color, and Wyatt isn't a fan.  But what else are you going to do on a rainy day?
Wednesday, February 26
Finely was finally feeling smiley again after a week of being sick.  I was so happy to see this smile back in action!
 Thursday, February 28
Reesie loves to read.  For fun.  I love watching her soak up the words.
Friday, March 1
Wyatt's teacher said that Wyatt needed to review the words "good" & "time".  If there's something Wyatt doesn't need help figuring out, it's how to have a good time!  Ha!
 Saturday, March 2
Our family spring of activity if back in full swing.  We were on our way to Wyatt's first tee ball practice last Saturday, and Reese started throwing gang signs. Ha!
 Sunday, March 3
The big kids went into the library with Brian to check out books and look at a train display.  This little one and I stayed in the car to eat and hang out!  She is obsessed with looking at herself in my phone. Not even kidding.  She smiles as soon as she sees herself!
 Monday, March 4
Big day for Wyatt and Reese!  The both got new readers at school!  Reesie is on Reader #4 and Wyatt started Reader #15.

And a few extras...
I think you can tell from these  two pictures that Hudson has finally taken an interest in his baby sister!

 At the end of each month, Wyatt's teacher sends home his "word wall" writing.  Here is his journaling from Valentine's Day!  So sweet!  Except you know, where is Mommy listed?

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