Thursday, February 28, 2013

Project 365: Week 8

I am so late with my update this week.  It has been a crazy, busy, insane, out of control week.  In addition to having to get 220 kids placed on their appropriate tee ball teams (Brian is the interim player agent in addition to being the field director for Wyatt's baseball league.  Since he has to do field director stuff like make practice and game schedules, I took care of the team assignments), the three youngest kids have all been sick this week.  Including our first go-round with ear infections.  We've been an ear infection free zone since Wyatt was born (I know that's amazing and I'm thankful), but this week both girls had one (or two in Reese's case). So I've been spending lots and lots of time holding my sweet baby girl because she hasn't been happy.  Everyone is finally feeling better and I'm finally feeling like it's safe to come up for air.  And you know, update the blog.

Tuesday, February 19
Tuesdays are, how can I put this?  The worst day of my week.  Reesie has dance on Tuesdays, and while I love that she has dance at school, it has started throwing Hudson completely off.  He hates taking naps because he doesn't go straight from the table to the crib.  He had finally fallen asleep.
Wednesday, February 20
Reesie got her third reader, and I was busy with Finley.  Since it was new, she didn't know all of the words, but she really wanted to get started.  Her big brother was apparently feeling helpful!  When she got to a word she didn't know he helped her sound it out.
Thursday, February 21
Going for big brother of the week I guess.  He really is wonderful with his baby sister.  He hates hearing her cry, and has even gone so far as to take her out of her exersaucer when she was crying and I was bathing Hudson.  We followed that up with a conversation about not ever doing that again, but I loved where his heart was.  I'm just thankful no one was hurt!  He was playing with her while I tucked in Hudson and Reese.
 Friday, February 22
Hudson watching a new episode of Sofia the First.  Everyone in this house loves "Fia," but Hudson is a huge fan.  If you ask him who his princess is, he says, "Fia.  Oh, sorry Mommy.  Mommy tooooooo."
Saturday, February 23
Finley had the sniffles on Friday, but by Saturday she really wasn't feeling well.  We cuddled before Wyatt's last basketball game.
Sunday, February 24
Wyatt came out of his room during quiet time and saw that Yankees game on TV.  He promptly changed into his "Yankees uniform" and started watching and playing.  He has requested pinstripe pants for his "home uniform."  It was a nice enough day, so the kids shuffled outside one at a time to play baseball with Brian!
Monday, February 25
The sunset on Monday night.  Gorgeous!  I'm so excited that we get to spring forward soon.  I'm ready for more sunshine!

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  1. Hi Brittney! Just hopped over from Kelly's Korner and A) my Drew is just two months younger than your Hudson, B) we have a black lab and C) I LOVE your blog. There. Those are 3 things I had to tell you. Anyway, can't wait to read more about your life with 4! Your link of what you did all day just wore me out reading it. I'm now your newest follower (#52!) and hope you'll stop by and follow back! I definitely can use advice from more experienced mommas! :)