Friday, December 6, 2013

Five on Friday!

Linking up with Five on Friday this week!

Brian took today off and we were able to  get a significant amount of shopping done.  Did anyone else shop at Target Black Friday and get the 20% off one shopping trip coupon?  We split our $200 transaction into two and got two coupons.  We saved LOADS of money this week with those coupons, the Cartwheel app (LOVE), and our Red Card!  We finished Reese's shopping today, and still have a few things to get for the boys.  I'm a fan of checking things off of our list early!

I'm so excited for this weekend's activities!  We are typically on vacation in Disney World around this time, and we miss out on Christmas activities.  While I love Christmas at Disney, I'm so glad we went in September this year!  We have a full weekend that includes a Christmas dance recital for Reese (her costume is adorable!), a Revolutionary War reenactment (we like to nerd it up),  a Christmas parade, and lunch with Santa on Sunday at Wyatt's school!

We took the big kids to see Frozen last Sunday.  We all loved it!  Reese has spent the past few days breaking out into song.   Hudson has been feeling a little left out about getting left at home with Didi, but we promised to take him when it's not opening weekend.  That way he can talk as much as he wants without bothering anyone.

Our elf Parker came back on Thanksgiving.  He was waiting for us when we got back from my brother's house.  My kids LOVE their elf.  We don't do a ton of talking about the "North Pole reports," the kids mostly just like seeing him. They think it's so magical that he moves at night while they sleep.  The very first thing that Wyatt does every morning is look for Parker.  I'm not big into the "mischief making elf" but I occasionally try to make sure he does something fun.  Usually he's just sitting in a bowl of ornaments or hanging out on a tree!

Robinson Cano to the Seattle Mariners.  Our Yankees loving family is depressed.  In the last week we have lost Granderson and Cano.  Not only are they two of our favorite players, but that also means that 2/3 of Wyatt's Yankees shirts are now no longer useful.  Boo!  At least Derek Jeter will be back this year!

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