Sunday, December 8, 2013

Lunch with Santa

The kids were so excited to go to lunch with Santa today!  Wyatt's school hosts the lunch every year, and I've always heard really great things about it.  I went back and forth about taking them, but when I was in his classroom last week his teacher raved about it, so that made the decision a bit easier!
 The Santa was so great!  He came in and sang some songs, and then Frosty and Rudolph came in as well.  Rudolph walked over to Finley to wave, and Hudson said, "Hey!  You're supposed to give me a High 5, Rudolph!"

This little girl is such a trooper.  Wyatt never would have tolerated all the car pooling time she has to put up with!  Her smile is constant and I think she loves being a part of the action.  So blessed to have this little girl as our number four!
So close to Santa!  Hudson was incredibly excited - which is very different from our previous experiences.  He's either been crying or standing off to the side looking scared since he was born.  I guess it's now Finley's turn to take over that role in our Santa outings.
 I can not get over the similarities in these two.  She looks so much like her big brother, and she just adores him.

 Telling Santa what they want for Christmas.
Reese: "Hundreds of art stuff."
Wyatt: "Star Wars Legos."
Hudson: "Car ramp."
 Ah!  Precious!  I can not get over how eager Hudson was to hop on Santa's lap!  He has been such a jokester lately.  When we were eating today he said, "Hey Daddy, Santa's behind you."  (He wasn't.)

Every night during December we do our Advent Calenders.  One is this Little People one.  One is a train with candy.  And the last one is a little house that I put questions in that are based around our Bible Storybook or this scripture reading that I found on Pinterest.  Every night I ask a question, and every night, no matter what I ask, Hudson's answer is "Put it on the Christmas tree."  Every. Single. Night.  

"Hudson, how were you a good brother today?"
"I put Reesie on the Christmas tree."

"Hudson, what is one good lesson you've learned about someone from the Bible?"
"And what did he do?"
"Ummmm....he go up on a Christmas tree."
 The lunch was organized into three stations. We had lunch with Santa, and then we moved on to eating, and then we went to do crafts.  I could not believe how much they all loved making the crafts!  I expected Reese to be excited (she already talks about how she's going to have art when she goes to school there), but not Wyatt!  Toss some glitter at this kid and he wants to know where the glue is!
We had so much fun today... I'm thinking this is definitely a new Christmas tradition!

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