Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013: Part 1

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!  My brother moved to Richmond this year, and he and April offered to host a huge Thanksgiving meal for us all.  We drove up to Richmond on Thursday morning, and were able to spend the day with my family, plus my aunts and uncle, and April's mom and sister and brother in law!  

The kids had some time to play before we ate (and we ate and ate and ate - wings, 7 layer bean dip, crab dip, meatballs - all before the huge meal).  April was so creative and organized a turkey hunt for the kids, and she set up crafts for them to do.  They had so much fun!
Before we sat down to eat we all gathered to take some pictures!

The entire crew!
 My siblings!  We took a picture like this on Thanksgiving 9 years ago - Katie was a lot shorter then!  I know I'm short, but this really brings attention to it!
 Mom and Dad with all their kids and grandkids (flannel was big at our Thanksgiving gathering)!
 Our family!
 And just Brian and I!

We had such a great day filled with family and lots of food!  Hudson and Mason definitely spent some time playing together (and making a mess).  We came home so excited to have Thanksgiving part 2 with Brian's family on Friday!

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