Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Family Christmas Tree

We went to get our Christmas tree on Saturday morning.

First let me say...this is the sixth tree that went up in the house.  We have three small trees in the kids' bedrooms.  We have our old 7 foot fake tree upstairs in the Yankee room.  We have our fake 12 foot tree in the playroom/front window of the house.  And then we have our real tree up in the living room, and that one is my favorite.

Not only is it the only real, pine scented tree in our house,
 But it's also the one that we all get to go choose as a family.
Which always makes for a fun adventure.
Instead of "boring" old white lights, we light this one up with bright, colorful twinkle lights. 
And fill it up with ornaments from our family vacations, first Christmases, collections, and homemade goodness.
 And Santa leaves our presents under it every year.
 And it becomes a favorite gathering spot for these kids.  And their mischievous little hands!

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