Monday, February 3, 2014

Our Weekend

...if you could call it a week"end"! The kids have been home every day since the snow started on Tuesday night - and Wyatt didn't have school on Tuesday because it was a work day! So it's really been... a week!

I was the mean mom who still made them practice their math and phonics while they had snow days. They also had their reading time, but they both found fun new reading nooks for that - so that made things more exciting!

Wyatt did his phonics while Reese did her math.  And then they switched.
Wyatt took a break from his reader  to teach Finley her letters. With a Star Wars letter book. The kids all get along (for the most part),  but he definitely has a soft spot in his heart for his baby sister!
We are following along with Courtney's "Love 'Em Up" challenge this month.  On Saturday we started writing post it "love notes" for each other.  So fun!  And we're going to try to do it everyday this month.  Even if it means I'm the only one doing it most days!
The kids got a tee pee as a joint Christmas gift.  So far it's been really popular - even with the baby.

And now we're back on the week day grind.  Drop offs, pick ups, another pick up, skating tonight, basketball tomorrow - craziness.  And more is just around the corner with baseball and soccer season starting!

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