Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jeep Buddies

Brian has been driving his trusty 1995 Jeep for almost 19 years.

It is a great vehicle, and we've put lots of money into over the last few years (including a new engine and new tires. Lots and lots of fun), but we still didn't think it was the best way for Brian to get back and forth to work every day (his commute is almost entirely a two lane, windy road).

And today, we (well, he) sold it.
He actually came to the agreement with guy last night, but all the kids wanted to take one last ride in it tonight.  Brian just did a quick loop around the neighborhood, but they loved it.  They are all "Jeep Buddies" after all.

This little one was first up.
(Sidenote: she's a "colorful person.  That's why she has a purple jacket, pink leggings, blue and green mismatched socks, and silver shoes.  Really.)
 And little brother was next.
 This was only his second ride!  I know it's crazy, but it was really only ever used for commuting, so he's only had the chance to catch a ride with Daddy once before
 This is how everyone felt about selling the Jeep (except me.  I'm happy Brian will finally be able to pick up some of my carpool slack!  The Jeep could only fit one car seat, which meant that when we had to "divide and conquer," it usually meant "Brian takes one kid and I take the other three.").

And of course we had to find a way to get our girl Noelley in the picture.  This was her commuting car every day for 13 years!
 And don't rake me over the coals for this.  I let Finley go for a ride, too.  She was forward facing for a quick loop around the neighborhood.  We had to let her experience it.  And there's no rear facing car seat that would fit in a '95 Jeep Wrangler.
 The good news is that she was a little traumatized by the forward facing experience.
 And after her quick three minute loop around the neighborhood, she was more shell shocked.  Definitely sticking with the rear facing car seat for the long term!  Oh, the things we didn't know 6 years ago when we turned Wyatt around on his first birthday.
 This guy was the first "Jeep Buddy."  After all the other kids took a spin, we took out the car seat and put his booster in (the car seat was a. pain.)  He has been Brian's most frequent co-rider, especially after baseball and soccer games.  He was the most upset that it was leaving.  
Once upon a time, Brian thought he might give his Jeep to Wyatt one day.  But now we know he:
1) May not ever be allowed to drive, and
2) Will definitely have air bags.  And a more permanent-ish roof.
Brian gave the Jeep once last hug (ha!), and then we took it to the new owner's house.
Really, it's only 5 minutes away.  And it's new owner lives next door to one of Brian's co-workers. I have a feeling this wasn't good-bye forever.  We'll be seeing it out on the road again soon!


  1. Awww. How sad and cute too. Love the photos.

  2. You should def frame the picture of Wyatt and Brian on the front of the Jeep... precious. Jeep's are definitely fun {even my husband wanted one when we lost his car during Hurricane Sandy}, but it's not the BEST car when little ones are involved. Glad you have great memories with it :)