Saturday, May 31, 2014

April Little Things

I figured I should get to my April "little things" update by the end of May. Ha!

The crew on Opening Day - all decked out in their Yankees attire. Finley's Jeter shirt has gotten the most wear - it's been worn by all four kids!

Since Hudson switched to the toddler bed, his sleep patterns have been hit or miss.  If he takes a nap (which I really try to avoid), bedtime is almost impossible.  And Wyatt wakes up EARLY, so he doesn't always take Hudson's "Hey!  Look at me! Don't go to sleep!" antics too kindly.  But some nights (especially the ones where he's been awake all day), end really peacefully.  It helps when his big brother reads to him in bed!
My mom was watching Mason for the weekend and got Hudson so they could spend the day together.  It ended with me picking Hudson up to Mason's cries of, "No!  Hudson!  Don't take him, he's my best buddy!"
In the middle of the crazy spring program week for Reese and Hudson, I also went to Wyatt's class Easter egg hunt.  It was a fun afternoon watching this group collect their eggs.  They each have a number assigned to them throughout the year, so they just searched for eggs with their number - Wyatt is 4.  What I found funniest was that they know each other's numbers - if I saw a 12 I would shout "I found 12!" and then one of the other kids would shout "Mackenzie!  You have an egg over here!"  He was also quite proud because he earned a touchdown in class for great behavior that day  - before 9AM!  He was on a hot streak that week and got 4 touchdowns!
Reese spent April hard at work making all of us bunny ears.  Here she is modeling hers.
Finley also got to play dress up for the first time.
This year has been a bit crazy for me.  My days are structured, but they're organized into really weird, no downtime-ish kind of ways.  Basically, I always feel like something is next.  It's hard to start and finish anything because I feel like I'm never home long enough between drop offs and pick ups to get anything done (especially laundry).  This girl and I have spent many Monday and Tuesday afternoons hanging out in the front seat of the van.  Her pick up from dance and art is 1:45, and Wyatt gets out of school at 2:30 - and the little kids almost always fall asleep on the way to get her!  So we'd hang out and read her reader or watch a show on Netflix or just talk.  Here she was trying to prove that she's ready to ride up front.  Not so much little one.
The kids have dry erase boards in the car.  Wyatt was giving me an update about what Finley was doing since she's rear facing and he has a better view :)!
One thing that has been really fun this year are outings with these two.  I can't believe he'll be gone three days a week next year!  Getting errands taken care of was a lot easier with just my Smalls - things I never imagined I would say when getting out of the house with Wyatt and Reese - it seemed like such a chore then!
Ever since this guy got his new bat (it's name is "Attack"), he has been on a mission.  He's trying to get in LOTS of swings.  It cracks me up how intense gets about stuff.  He was very upset when I couldn't get the net up one day - and then went to hit in the rain another day! Ignore the back yard meadow.  It rained every time Brian was on his way out the door to mow it!
And of course, rainy days call for Wyatt teaching Hudson his letter sounds and Reese playing blocks with Finley.  And pajamas.  Because who wants to get dressed when it's raining outside?

Hopefully the May update gets done a bit earlier next month!

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