Sunday, August 17, 2014

Another Week of Swim Lessons

One of my favorite things about August is the switch to evening swim lessons.

It frees up our mornings, we don't have to rush to get out of the house, AND the classes always seem smaller.  So the kids get more one on one time with their instructors! 

Hudson had has the same teacher several times this summer.  I'm sure she claims him because of this super cute smile.  He is the sweetest!
 One thing that I loved about Wyatt's lessons was that it was definitely more of a workout!  He had to swim a BUNCH of laps, and they made him practice all of his strokes and kicks.  If this kid wasn't already so busy, I would look into a swim team for him this winter.  I think that weekly trips to the Y pool are now on our winter agenda!  Laps for the two oldest!
 You can't wear goggles until you get to Station 5.  This kid definitely wore them as his "badge of being big" all summer!
 She loves hanging on the ropes.  Or sitting on the ledge?  You're at swim lessons, girl!  Stay in the pool!
 Waving to Hudson.
 Wyatt got to work on diving.
 I took this picture of Reese because it says everything about her perfectionist tendencies.  When she is swimming, she listens quietly while the coach tells her how to fix her stroke, and then she methodically puts it into practice.  It was most apparent when she was working on the Crawl!
 Hudson is getting to be quite the floater - at swim lessons.  I tried to get him to practice with me, and let's just say, he wanted nothing to do with that.
 I can hardly believe that baby sister is going to be joining them in lessons next summer.  What in the world will I do with a free half hour while I sit by the pool?
 Yeah, he won't even jump to me.  Apparently we have some trust issues.
At their first round of evening lessons, Reese managed to pass Station 3!  Both boys are still working hard to get their stickers, but I think they're in two pretty hard stations!
And Finley spent her time chowing down on some Yogurt Melts and yelling at the teen swim team.  "Goooooooo! Goooooo! Gooooooooo!"  It was pretty funny to watch her yell!

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