Thursday, August 7, 2014

July Little Things

A few small things that made our July so fun!

This gal had a little cold and a late night.  Brian got home from work late, and she stayed up to hang out.
She decided to take a little batting practice in the backyard.  Killer swing!
We met Reese's BFF Emma at the Y for dinner and a swim!
And we went to Wal Mart.  Because fun!
After a day at the waterpark, I pulled in the driveway with 4 sleeping children.  That never happens.
We went out for frozen yogurt.  FQB was pretty excited about that little fact.
We managed to sneak in a swim before a storm hit.
Ready for bed?!?
More swim lessons.  She has no fear.  And she is doing so well!
Cutest base running and first base coach combo ever!
Watching Jeter's final All Star Game.  Re2pect!
Reese had her Kindergarten assessment.  She did an awesome job!  The principal said that they were just going to review her letter recognition and sounds, and numbers.  Yeah, she ended up reading two books.  Who's ready for Kindergarten?  This girl!
Finley decided to bring her basketball talents to our driveway.
The bookends at the park - pure joy.  They are best friends.  Really.  It's crazy!
This is how this guy falls asleep.  He goes to bed early every night.  Because he wakes up EARLY no matter what time he falls asleep!
These two stopped at Lids - and left with matching hats.
Hudson saw his first movie at the theater - Planes Fire & Rescue.  And he loved it!

I can't believe that school starts in three and a half weeks! I hate wishing summer away, but we're definitely ready for Brian to be home more!

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