Thursday, August 21, 2014

Camp with the Tides!

We received an email from Wyatt's baseball league a few months ago about a camp opportunity with the Norfolk Tides.

We wasted no time signing him up. He was so excited to play on the field at Harbor Park!
He's out there somewhere.
Fielding grounders.
And throwing them back.

This player kept telling him to hustle.  Wyatt overthrew the ball and he made him go get it.  And he was (is) soooo slow.  
So he had to run to the dugout and back.  
And the Tides' player keep yelling at him to keep his arms at his side and run!

They got to field balls off the wall.
And I laughed hysterically when I saw this picture of a bunch of kids gathered around a beer sign.  Awesome.
Wyatt was excited to see the dugout and the batting cages! It was such a fun experience for these kids to get to play on a big league field.
But this week it's back to the pint sized ball fields!  Baseball season is back!

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