Friday, August 29, 2014

Going Back

It's the final weekend of summer break!

We've been trying to squeeze in a few final fun outings, but we've also had baseball and some school related functions this week!

Hudson had Open House on Tuesday night.
For the first time in three years, we only have one kid going to preschool.  We only had one class to visit.  When Wyatt and Reese were still only going a few days a week, they went on opposite schedules, so I've been headed to the school every day for three years, too.  This year I'll only be making that drive three days a week!
After we met his teachers (the same fabulous team who taught Reese when she was four), we took him out for ice cream.
Last night I had to prep all of the school supplies for our Kindergartner and Second grader.  Yes.  Two Thirty-One Large Utility totes to get all the supplies to school.  So much stuff!
Wyatt's desk was all set up for him.  It was all official and big kid-looking.  With a planner. I didn't get any pictures of him because I was helping him distribute supplies and talking to his teacher, but I think he's in for a fun year in second grade!
After we got Wyatt situated, we brought him back home and picked up this Kindergarten cutie.  She went to her classroom, met her teacher, and then begged to go to the library!  She wanted to browse all the different sections and books.  She is very excited that the Kindergarten classes get to go to the library every week!
We visited the PTA table, the Spirit wear table, and finally headed back home. And I will be spending the weekend filling out mountains of paperwork!
And then on Tuesday I'm sending half of these kids off to school!

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