Thursday, October 16, 2014

September Little Things

"Mom, can I get in a few swings before school?"
Hudson had a case of the "sneezes" one morning, and said he played by himself at school because he didn't want all of his friends to get his sneezes.  This was only the beginning of a fun weekend that sent Brian away to Phoenix for work.  The first weekend that the park was closed since May, and he ended up across the country!
I wouldn't want to fall asleep reading a book about Vipers, but Wyatt seems to think it's okay.
Taking pictures of his batting stance for Daddy!
Another picture to let Daddy know how many goals he scored at soccer!

After his "sneezes" on Friday afternoon, Hudson got worse.  Our Sunday included a visit the Pediatrician for another Nebulizer treatment and another steroid.  Poor guy.  He's now on a daily inhaler, which we're hoping will prevent future problems.
He was feeling much better on Monday, so he was ready for Hat Day at school.  And no ensemble is complete without an Everything is Awesome shirt!
The Bookends reading together.
Oh goodness.  Homework was a HUGE struggle for this guy for the first few weeks of school.  He felt like the school day was long enough and he wanted nothing to do with working after he got home.  We finally found a new system that makes it easier.  He gets a sticker for every day that he does his homework without complaining, and then he gets a slush on Fridays if he has a sticker every day that week.  It has gotten so. much. easier. to get homework done!
Brian and I went to see Brad Paisley. After a tee ball game, we ended up getting there just before he went on stage.  We noticed that there was a small stage set up about 12 feet away from us.  He ended up on the stage in the middle of the show!  So awesome!
I found this on my phone after our day at Busch Gardens.  Colin and Hudson took at selfie!
Sometimes, a girl just has to take BP before a game.  Even if she's still in her dress!
He'd just gotten an out at home plate!
Perfect shirt for Wyatt!
Reesie ended her first month of school on the Principal's Proud Wall!  

(most of Finley's little moments from September can be found here).

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