Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wyatt Plays Fall Ball, Too

Wyatt is dividing his time between the second grade, whatever TV show he is into right now (Wild Kratts or Jack Hanna), soccer, and two baseball teams.

This picture sums up Wyatt's fall.  We always joke that Brian knows someone everywhere we go because we live in the area that he grew up in, but Wyatt is a close second.  He walks through the baseball complex and I swear that he and Brian get stopped every 10 seconds.  Not only does this kid have a lot of friends, but he seems to have inside jokes with all of them.
Do I pre-treat his baseball pants?  Nope.  Why bother?  They end up ruined by the end of the season anyway!
He was very excited to get a lot of time in at shortstop and first base this fall.  That's not to say that being told he was in Left Center didn't result in glove throwing.  It totally did.  This boy is intense.  And competitive.  And really competitive.
I got to his final game a little late because I had to stop and pick up baseball cards for his team party.  While I was unloading the other three from the car, he came up to bat.  I stayed still because I have a terrible fear of jinxing him (This goes back to my brother's 10 year old All Star game.  I remember being worried that if I moved, I would jinx the pitcher.  I don't know why I thought that!).  He hit the ball to the fence!  It was almost a home run!  But, it's Wyatt, and we're still working on speed!
Does the look on his face clue you in to his competitive tendencies?
He loves to catch, but he didn't get to do it much this fall.  I always love to see my boy behind the plate!  

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