Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Reesie's School Year Wrap Up

I am trying hard not to be sad that this girl's Kindergarten year is over!

She has had a phenomenal Kindergarten year, and I am so, so happy that we decided to send her to school with Wyatt instead of keeping her at Preschool for Kindergarten!

The last few weeks of school were full of fun activities.  Of course there was Field Day.  With potato sack races.
And the parachute.  Obviously more fun with Daddy.
And Gaga ball.  I can't even with this game.  The are currently in the playroom playing Gaga ball.
It's basically Dodge ball, but the ball stays on the ground instead of being thrown.

She also had an Accelerated Reading Assembly.  She had the most AR points in her class and in her grade - she read 150 books this year.  She was able to get up on stage with each class's top reader, and they sang songs while the Principal played his guitar. They recognized the top readers, and then the teachers put on a fun talent show.  It was very entertaining!
This was an exciting time for her - not only because she had the most point in Kindergarten, but also because she had more points than Wyatt! He did his best to try to accumulate more points towards the end of the year, but there was no catching up to this girl!
She wanted a picture taken with her teacher helper, Miss Scarlett.  Her Kindergarten class had Miss Scarlett, who was a high school student who helped out every day, an aide, a teacher, and there was even a little slice of the year that included a student teacher! It was a very well balanced classroom!  Miss Scarlett helped Reese log onto the computer to take her AR tests, and she talked about her all the time!  Reese saw her sitting in a McDonald's the week after school got out, and she rolled her window down and was frantically waving to her.  It was kind of adorable.
And this lady here is the biggest part of Reese's Kindergarten success. We had such a fantastic year in Ms. Burton's class.  She took such good care of our girl and always helped give her a little extra push. Her son was on Wyatt's baseball team, and we had the best year knowing that Reese was with her at school, and then hanging out at the ball field!
And that's a wrap on Kindergarten - and half days of school!  WHAT?!  She starts full days of school in the fall, which is just crazy - but we're crossing our fingers that she gets the same awesome teacher Wyatt had for first!  I know she'll have another great year!

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