Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Year Well Baby Check Up. And Other Big News.

Reese went for her two year well baby check up today. I guess it's more of a well child check up now. But anyway, here are her stats:

Height: 35 inches (80th percentile)
Weight: 29 pounds (78th percentile)

The doctor told us today that based on the projections (which are not as "reliable" for girls as they are for boys) she'll end up at 5 feet 10 inches. Basically, she will tower over me. And the projections for Wyatt at his last check up were at least 5'10" as well. Brian told Wyatt he needs to start eating his vegetables so his sister can't beat him up.

She has gotten so big now! She is really talking up a storm, using complete phrases, and it is so fun to listen to the kids have conversations in the car. Today they were in the backseat just having a normal conversation (although at some point it turned to a talk about hitting).

And in other big news, in case you're wondering why this little boy is sooooo happy....
It's because he finally pooped in the potty today! Brian ran a "boot camp" of sorts today that just clicked. We've slowly worked him towards going in the potty for the last few weeks. We started with asking him to go to the bathroom if he needed to go in his pants. After about 2 weeks of that we asked to him to go in his pants, but to sit down on the potty and do it. Finally today (a week before schools starts), Brian just followed up all day. And made him walk around with no pants on (we knew he wasn't just going to go on the floor). It worked! He knew when he had to do it, and ran to the bathroom. This picture is just of him after he got his new toy for finally accomplishing this feat! You should have seen him after he went. I won't be sharing the picture we took of him posing next to his poop though. I'll save that for just us :).

We'll spend the next few days following through with this, making sure it becomes routine. Then I really want to start potty training Reese. I think that after she sees Wyatt going all the time she might jump on board. Plus you know, she's more mature. She probably doesn't take pictures of poop. Or call it poop.

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