Friday, August 27, 2010

August 25th at 10:07 AM!!!

Here is Reese at 10:07 AM on her birthday - officially 2! She was the cutest thing on her birthday - every time we said, "Happy Birthday Reesie!," she would respond, "Happy Birthday Mommy (or Daddy, or Wyatt)!"

I have never seen a two year old (including her big brother) embrace their birthday like she did. She asked about her birthday all day. If you asked her how old she was now, she would shout "TWO!," and show us two fingers.

She opened her presents as soon as she woke up, and then we just took our time getting ready for the day and playing. If you want to check out pictures of her at 10:07 the day she was born they're here (I know, the hyperlink isn't a different color), and last year's pictures are here. I can't believe how big she has gotten! Brian and I (thankfully) haven't done a whole lot of dwelling on the NICU experience or where her health was two years ago compared to now (she was still on the vent on the 27th and we were still in the hospital with her). We are just so happy that we have a healthy, happy, extremely talkative little girl. And the talkative part is just about the only thing she gets from me!
Anyway, here she is at the moment she officially turned two (my apologies. The lighting was not so good at 10:07)!

Reesie and her new Belle
Cheesing it big time with Daddy
Not that interested in sitting with Mommy. Seriously. She is so not a fan of me now.
When I asked Reese what kind of cupcakes she wanted she said, "purple." OMG. I thought mixing blue and red food coloring into the frosting would work. Not quite so easy. In fact, making the cupcakes and the frosting from scratch was easier than making the frosting purple. But she LOVED them. Especially the frosting!

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