Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Zoo

I know I've been a bad blogger. Yesterday my brother called and asked me if I had the kids locked in a closet because I haven't been blogging about them. He didn't answer my question about whether or not he'll have a blog when my baby niece or nephew comes in February though :)!

Anyway, last weekend was jam packed for us. We had Colin's birthday Saturday, Audrey's birthday Sunday and a To Do List a mile long! After Audrey's party we planned on going to Busch Gardens, but there was a 6 and a half mile back up at the tunnel, so we turned around and went to the zoo instead!

The kids had a lot of fun, but it was REALLY hot. I felt like I was on fire! I can't even remember what it was like to be 9 months pregnant with Reese in August, but I guess that's the beauty of pregnancy. Once you have your baby you completely forget how miserable and uncomfortable you were at times during the pregnancy!

Wyatt spent most of the trip walking with Daddy and telling us where we were going next. They were both really excited to see the animals, and Wyatt kept telling Reese what each animal was and what they say. During the time that Reese was out walking, he grabbed her hand and Brian, Reese and Wyatt all walked together to see the geese.

Laughing girl!
I am going to post the video I took of this later, but Wyatt went through the entire map and told us where we had been and where we still needed to go. He was so funny!
This was his own pose!
We stopped at Wendy's to get something to drink after the zoo and Wyatt asked for a vanilla frosty. He hadn't had any sleep all day, so he was pretty tired. This is how he fell asleep. He did manage to finish the frosty before he passed out!
The next few weeks will be really busy, but we will have a lot to blog about! Reese turns 2 on Wednesday, her well child check up is next week, Wyatt has his open house at school next week, and then he starts school and soccer! On top of that we still have lots of appointments for baby Gooey since I now go every two weeks! And there's only 11 weeks until he's here.
I'm really looking forward to the next few months! I love fall. Brian will be home a lot more and our anniversary is next month. New fall clothes come out. The smell of pumpkin and spices fills my house as soon as September hits. Trips to the pumpkin patch. And after all that we get to meet out baby boy! Yay!

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