Monday, August 23, 2010

Reese's First Second Birthday Party

Pretty much all of my family was in town this weekend, so my parents threw a co-birthday party for Katie and Reese. Katie turned 16 on Sunday and Reese's second birthday is this Wednesday, so it made sense to celebrate together. Plus Brian and I have been so busy this month that we haven't even set a date for her actual party. Seriously, before I realized it, it was August 20th and I was wondering where August went.
Reese spent the entire day talking about Katie's birthday party. Once we got there and she saw her cake it finally set in that it was her birthday too.
Her Ariel cupcake cake.
Blowing out her candles with some assistance from Wyatt.
Wyatt was showing us how you ride Reese's birthday present from Katie - a princess bike. She also got a power wheels Jeep from my parents so she's pretty mobile now. I think the only thing she's missing is a Crazy Coupe!
The kids hopped in the back seat of Katie's birthday present - a 1998 Ford Explorer. Brian told them not to get too comfortable because that's a ride they won't be taking for another 20 years! Ha!
Wyatt spent a lot of time with his Uncle Marc at the party. My brother played baseball with him, took him out on the swings, and played with him all night. And then he gave him the entire jug of V-8 to drink with a straw. At 8:00 at night! Wyatt woke up at 2:30 to go to the bathroom! He actually also slept in until 6:45 the next day so it didn't work out too badly for us.

Reese had a great time at her first second birthday party. I took the day off on Wednesday so I'll be home with her all day. I don't know what we're doing yet (although my gut says Pottery Barn will call tomorrow and say that the entertainment center will be delivered that day). I know that I'm making her cupcakes (purple ones) and that we will probably go to Red Robin for dinner. I'm not sure if we're taking a trip to the NICU like we did last year or not. It depends on how the day goes! I can't believe my baby will be 2 on Wednesday!

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  1. Looks like she had a great party!!! That cake is too cute!! :)