Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Her Name

In basically every single pregnancy post (including the last one!), I said that I was anxiously awaiting a decision on her name. And I know some people were thinking that we just don't share our names, so we had one that we were keeping to ourselves. I was not lying!  Brian and I both had names that we loved.  They were just four different names.  Brian had his heart set on Bailey (okay, or Darby) from the moment we found out I was pregnant.  I was pushing for Zoe or Quinn (Quinn was my top choice for Hudson before we found out he was a boy!).  But we were stuck at a stalemate.

I didn't like Darby at all.  I like the name Bailey, but I think people say it weird (It's Bay-lee, not Bail-ee.).  I also know like, 7 people with dogs named Bailey.  Not to say that I have anything against that, it just wasn't my top choice.  Brian liked Zoe, but it was too common for us.  Zoey and Zoe are both top 30 names, which means that people actually called Zoe are probably in the top 10!

So we kind of gave up.  And then we searched separately.  We came back to the table with new names.  Our final three were Finley, Quinn, and Harper.  I loved Harper.  Brian loved Harper.  She was super close to being Harper Quinn.  But I'm not a fan of names that end in -er with our last name.  Brian isn't either.  But we really both really liked Harper.  So we thought about it a bit longer. And while we were thinking about it, Finley came up.  I don't know who suggested it first - maybe Brian, but it was a name I liked, but never suggested because I thought it might be too out there for him.  We thought some more.

And finally, on the Friday night before she was born, we sat down to talk about it some more.  We were pretty settled on Harper Quinn or Finley Quinn, but we weren't sure which.  Harper has gotten insanely popular.  I felt like Finley needed a really girly middle name.  And then at the same time, we both kind of just knew that she was Finley Quinn.  Of course, this gave us 2 full days to get used to her name, which was different.  By the time the other kids were born we were used to their names, and we called them by their names towards the end of my pregnancies.  But with Finley there were just two days.  I remember sitting on the table while the nurse anesthetist did my spinal just whispering, "Finley, Finley, Finley," over and over again.  Mainly because that was the worst experience ever, and I just needed to remind myself that my baby was waiting on the other side of the spinal.

We are in love with this little girl, and I think we chose the perfect name for her!  She is definitely our little Finley Quinn!

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  1. I think that her name is absolutely perfect as well. It is amazing how we think of names and then once they arrive we could never see them being any other name. She is SO beautiful!