Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big Kids

Even though we have added a new baby to the family, and our lives stopped short with the addition of our first born (mainly because we had no. idea. what. we. were. doing and it took two hours to get out of the house!), our lives have pretty much continued full speed with the addition of our little Finley (not unlike when Hudson joined the family 22 months ago).  The big kids still have school to go to every day (well, Wyatt is there every day), soccer practices and games, baseball practices and games, doctor's appointments, food that needs to be shopped for, and on and on and on. 

While Brian has handled a lot things himself, we have tagged along on a few occasions, and today I was finally able to do the drop off/pick up, errand running on my own!

These guys have certainly kept us busy!
Hudson (and Finley) just LOVE Wyatt.  Really.  He is the BEST big brother to them.  His big brother skills lack a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to Reese though.  Cats and dogs I tell you.  Cats. and. dogs.
They can all play together nicely for a little bit though!  Don't mind Reese's band aid collection.  The poor girl had to get 4 shots at her 4 year well child check up on Tuesday!  The nurse actually had to call the doctor in to hold her legs down because she was so strong and kept moving.  Fortunately, she's done until she's 11!
I don't even know what to say about this.  Except this is their father's influence. This little guy seems so big to me now.  I knew it was going to happen once Finley came, but just two weeks ago he was my baby.  And I mean MY baby.  I was so worried about leaving him when I went to the hospital.  Since I got home, he's literally wanted next to nothing to do with me.  Definitely not the little guy that I left!  Of course, he got to spend a TON of time with his grandparents while I was in the hospital and he loves them (he's been calling around the house for Pop Pop all week!), and he's getting the quality time with Daddy that he missed during the summer, but now he's letting Brian put him to bed, and he's refusing to give me kisses and squeezes.  Oh, how I broke down about this the other day.  I know it will get better, but it has been driving me crazy!  At least he's been nice to Finley and hasn't shown an ounce of jealousy towards her though, thank goodness.

We are on the move this weekend!  Soccer and baseball on Saturday, and goodness knows what else the rest of the weekend.  I am so ready for some fall fun with these guys, though!  Can't wait!


  1. My goodness you guys stay busy!!!! I'm glad everything seems to be going smoothly with Finley's arrival and I'm sure Hudson will come around:) LOVE the pics...I hope Reese is feeling better after all of those shots:(

  2. Dane did the same thing when Knox was born, he ignored me for days! made me cry cry cry! he was 26 months when he was born so not much difference in hudson and finley!