Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not Locked in the Closet

I promise that I haven't had the kids locked in a closet or anything (which I think it what my brother accused me of doing the last time I went a really long time without a blog post)!  We have been crazy busy this week (school, sports, anniversary, Busch Gardens, booking our Disney vacation!) and our computer is dying a slow death.  The battery isn't charging, the charger isn't really working...basically, there's a possibility when I sit down at the computer that it may turn off.  Fun, fun!

I figured I could ease back into blogging with some sweet pictures of Hudson with his baby sister last Friday.  He was very eager to get on the couch, and demanded that I give him "boppy" so that he could hold the baby.
I'm not going to lie, she was screaming the entire time that he held her, but he was so happy to hold her.  Even though she was very unhappy, he kept saying, "Oooooh, baby cuuuute."
He was not interested when I tried to take her to feed her.  He kept saying, "No Momma!  No baby!"
I can't believe that she is 3 weeks old now, and I am also astounded that it's time for us to start planning this little fella's second birthday party!  He will be 2 in a month - absolute craziness!!!

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