Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leaving the Hospital!

We were given the all clear to come home from the hospital last Thursday.  Because it was my fourth C Section, they wanted me to stay at the hospital for an extra day (I was out in 2 and a half days with Hudson).  I was hoping that we could leave early in the day, but I gave up that hope when I realized that I hadn't seen the on call doctor before 5:30PM every day we were there.  THAT many babies were born last week!  Ha!

My doctor actually made it through around 1, and they finally started the discharge process around 3, so we started to get ready to leave with Finley!

First, we had to take some pictures!
Oh my goodness, too funny!
All dressed up in her coming home outfit.  I was finally able to find what I wanted for her in her size. They seemed to make it available at stores in 3 months and up, but I couldn't find newborn sizes anywhere.  When I finally found it, I scooped it up! It's by Petit Ami, and I love it!  Especially the bonnet.
Seriously, so precious!
Getting ready to leave!
She looks sweet here, but she is very touch and go with her car seat.  Sometimes she loves it, sometimes it's  a screamfest.  When we're actually in the car, she is usually fine if we listen to music that she's familiar with from the womb.  Which means that if we listen to Fun. or the Foo Fighters or some of the kids' music (and we're moving), she's quiet!  She doesn't like getting in, and she certainly doesn't like being stationary.
In her seat!  My van is packed with car seats now.


  1. You look sooooo good for having had 4 c-sections! And you're right, that outfit is ADORABLE!

  2. I love it! You look fantastic! She is beautiful!