Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Odds & Ends

Just a few random notes about what we're up to now!

This is what I feel like doing all day, every day.  I'm exhausted!  But cuddling with sweet Finley is a nice way to nap!  Reesie and I used to take little naps together, too!
Every one says that Finley resembles Wyatt.  I agree, but when her eyes are open I think she looks more like her big sister!  What's funny though, is that she has the exact same birth marks as Wyatt.  He has a "stork bite" in the middle of his forehead (they actually all do!), but he also has one right on the back of his neck.  I didn't even notice it until we gave her a bath last week!
A clean baby!  She is not a fan of her baths (although she does like it when I wash her hair), but she is the sweetest little girl!
Reese has been waiting for-e-ver (that's my best Sandlot impression) to have a little sister to match her!  Not kidding, this little girl throws a fit on the days that the boys match.  It's gotten to the point where she gets mad if the boys get the same color straws in their yogurt!  Fortunately, she and Finley were able to match last week.  We bought Reese her dress in the spring, and we bought Finley's as soon as we found out she was a girl.  Big Sister was very excited to finally have a "twin"!
Finley has not been a fan of pacifiers, but she has the whole sucking reflex thing down.  This led to many, many hand washings for me, and her using my pinky as a pacifier.  Nothing gets by big brother, so he decided to just shove his pinky finger in her mouth one day when she started crying.  Fortunately we're surviving on lots and lots and lots of hand washing right now.
You're probably wondering where Hudson is (Katie!)...

He's here.  Just far away from the baby.  Reese caught a cold last week, and he got the worst of it.  Runny nose, wheezy cough, fun times.  So I've been doing my best to keep him and his germs away from the baby...which is kind of hard when he's stinking adorable saying "Baby!  Baby cute!  Niiiiiiice to baby!"  It's even become part of his new wake up routine.  I go in and he says, "Daddy?  Wy Wy?  Eesie?  Baby?"

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  1. These photos are SO sweet :)
    Bryar and Charli Beth have the same birth mark on the back of the head as well. It was truly amazing to me how much it was the same!